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Understanding business transformation


Jan 7, 2023

To meet the needs of modern IT infrastructures and work environments, your business will likely need to change the way it works. A shift towards an open and scalable corporate culture is essential to the success of your digital transformation . By adopting a more open approach, your company can strengthen the alignment of teams and allow them to more effectively achieve their common goals.

Transform your business

Business transformation is a change management strategy designed to move your business forward in line with your goals for the future. These change initiatives involve efforts focused on the employee experience. Management and HR teams often employ change management methods, which rely on the use of defined metrics to create a roadmap for the business transformation strategy.

The rapid evolution of technologies and the variable economic context force companies to rethink the way they operate. As business transformation measures are taken at all levels, leadership teams are primarily targeting the culture of

And as many companies have discovered during their transformation, business models driven by open source principles can help gain competitive advantage.

According to the book The Open Organization Definition , companies that adopt an open model can benefit from the following advantages:

A gain in agility , because stakeholders have more interest in collaborating on common objectives

An acceleration of innovation , because ideas that emanate from the company or elsewhere are evaluated more objectively and can be tested more quickly

Increased involvement , as stakeholders are made aware of the relationship between their individual activities and the company’s mission and vision

While companies can all take an open approach , the outcome will be different for each. The transition to an open approach involves adopting the principles that reflect the values ​​of Open Source. These principles are:


In transparent companies , the supports, decisions and processes are open, collaborative and can be adjusted or corrected if necessaryCompanies that practice inclusion value diversity of viewpoints and strive to encourage dialogue as often as possible.


Agility and resilience are key elements of companies focused on continuous learning and employee involvement, which contributes to the sustainability of their business. When decision-making rests with the frontline of the business, teams can be more responsive to changing requirements.


Individuals who work in a public company are convinced that they achieve better results if they benefit from the intervention of a greater number of stakeholders, which is reflected in


Open companies are communities by default. They are guided by common values ​​and objectives on which their success or failure depends.

What are the benefits of business transformation?

One of the main benefits of transformation is that Emailnphonelist opens up to the possibility of integrating and adopting new technologies and business processes. This makes it easier for you to achieve your business goals in ever-changing industries.

To effectively adopt open hybrid cloud technologies , cloud-native application development models, and management and automation solutions , you need to make the necessary cultural shifts that will enable your business to be more digital and interconnected.

Why choose RedHat?

Red Hat has operated as a public company since its founding in 1993. We’ve helped countless companies scale their business, starting with the internal processes and tools they’ve had for a long time. By building on a foundation of Open Source software , we’ve helped companies realize that an open approach is needed to hatch the best ideas and the most exciting technologies.

Modern IT ecosystems encompass different types of public and private clouds, bare metal servers and virtualized infrastructures. In addition to a hybrid infrastructure, your business has platforms, applications, and tools that come from different vendors. Proprietary tools do not communicate with each other and applications have difficulty moving from one environment to another due to the weight of the data. That’s why you need advancements in infrastructure, management, and development to connect the different pieces of your hybrid

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